120th anniversary of the Šubic brothers stone plate

It has been exactly 126 years since one of our most famous painters, Jurij Šubic (1855 – 1890), the author of the famous painting “Pred lovom (Before the hunt)”,  died. He and his brother (who died one year earlier) left the strongest mark on Slovenian realism painting,  were also marvelous portraitists and did a lot of classical paintings for churches.

On Sept 8th 1896, the writers society opened a large stone plate (made by Feliks Toman, famous stone carver) commemorating them inside the large baroque church in Poljane. The church was torn down after the WW II and he plate was since long lost, only to be found a few years ago in one of the basements in Poljane. We’re extremely glad, that now, 120 years after it’s opening, continues it’s agenda – glorifying the Poljane’s most famous painters.