Grab a brush and paint your own impression!

Carve a wooden baroque frame!

Laugh at (your own) caricature!

We are creating with love, truely, as done by the numerous artists hailing from the Poljanska dolina Valley over the years. And as did the painters of the Šubic family, grab hold of a brush yourself and paint your own impression. Carve a detail of a wooden Baroque frame and exceed the boundaries of your own creativity in an inspiring workshop. Hold a mirror up to the world’s face with a witty stroke of a caricature artist ‐ we promise, in the end it’s your own image you will laugh at!

Here, in the Šubic House, birthplace of Janez and Jurij Šubic, undoubtedly two of the most important Slovenian painters, is where the most important artisan workshop of the second half of the 19 th century was operated by their father Štefan Šubic.

More on the Šubic family

Today the building houses a culture centre with a permanent museum collection leading you through a true creative experience, complemented with a diverse programme featuring exhibitions, creative workshops and cultural events. Incidentally, you can also learn about our other local luminiaries ­ depicted as witty caricatures!

Seize the creativity of the Poljanska Valley!

Discover the artistic prowess of the Šubic artists demonstrated through artistic procedures of painting, carving and gilding. A true creative experience!

Diversify your culture day with inpiring creative workshops. Among them, caricatures hold a truely special place. Do you dare to “look in the mirror?”

Let souvenirs and works of art, made by our artists and finest craftsmen, represent your nicest memories of Poljanska Valley or serve as wonderful presents for your friends. Continue you trip further up the Poljanska Valley. Find out where to go to, where to eat and what to do at the tourist information point.

Upcoming events

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Ljubica Toplek, Elder Citizen Society Limbuš

I want to thank you once again for the unique experience in the Šubic house. We’ve learned so many new interesting and creative things, and everything was so relaxed. All members of the group got their dose of laughter with caricatures. We most certainly will return to visit again!

Marjan Žakelj, Žiri primary school

Once again congratulations on a beatiful presentation of the Šubic house. I wish you keep the pedagogical eros shown yesterday. A teacher can only excite the students when he’s a strong enthusiast himself. Thank you once again. Visiting your house is definitely in our plans for next year’s culture days!